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Computer Power Plus (Auckland) encourages international students who are new to New Zealand to utilise Homestay accommodation for at least the first few weeks of your stay.

Homestay accommodation is where you stay with a local “host” family. This will be arranged for you at your request by staff at Computer Power Plus. The homestay family will provide a separate fully furnished room of your own in a suburban house, usually with garden and lawns. You will be provided with breakfast and dinner each weekday and three meals per day on the weekends. Fresh bed linen and towels will be supplied and your laundry will be done for you.

Interacting with your host family and friends is an excellent way to improve your English and to become accustomed to life in New Zealand. Some Homestay families have hosted students for many years.

Computer Power Plus contracts the services of an international student homestay accommodation Agent (International Homestays 2004 Ltd) to source and monitor accommodation for students. This Agent has agreed to be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

The cost of Homestay accommodation for students is up to $185.00 per week with a one-off Placement fee of $205.00 (rates are due to increase Jan 2014)

A pick-up from Auckland International Airport can be arranged at your request for $81.00

Student Hostels

The city has many commercial hostels where you can rent a room either short term or long term. The hostels are not run by Computer Power Plus and anyone can stay in a hostel. Remember that some are for students only. They have single, double or twin share rooms and are always furnished. The commercial hostels have a communal kitchen where you can cook your own meals.

The cost is up to $230.00 per week.

YMCA Accommodation

Males only

Right in the ‘heart’ of Auckland city is good quality accommodation for all. Well-furnished single and twin rooms are available for both short and long term accommodation.

Females only

Affordable and quality accommodation for all budgets in central city Auckland, offering single and twin rooms for both short and long term accommodation.


Many students enjoy the independence and challenge of sharing a house (flat) or apartment with other people. You can find flats by looking in the newspaper, on local notice boards (such as the supermarket), through the Internet or going through a rental agent.

You will probably have to pay a bond and some rent in advance when you first move in. Costs can be between $120.00 and $200.00 for a room and then you must pay for food, electricity, water etc.

This is a great option once you have settled into study and life in the city. You may find out more about this type of accommodation through friends you make while studying.

Temporary Accommodation

When you arrive in Auckland, it is best to have something ready for you before you leave home. You may like to stay somewhere for a couple of nights until you find your ideal accommodation. Temporary accommodation very close to the Auckland campus includes:

Steps to finding the right accommodation for you:
  • Choose the accommodation type that you like
  • Most accommodation choices have websites
  • If you require assistance please contact our International Student Services department

Airport Transfers

If you are wishing to make you own way into Auckland city try one of the following:

Computer Power Plus is unable to accept any international student under the age of 18 years in accordance with the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students

If for any reason during your study at Computer Power Plus you change your address; emergency contact information or the type of accommodation, you must notify the Student Services department