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Mt Albert Grammar Searching for First HSL Title

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October 2017
Mt Albert Grammar School have a big task in front of them but they believe they have what it takes to win the High School League’s second split.
The national secondary school eSports competition reaches its finale at the Armageddon Expo at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland on Saturday.
Mt Albert will meet Mt Roskill Grammar School in the final of the Premier Division in what promises to be an exciting clash.
Mt Roskill are the defending champions after they won the first split earlier in the year but Mt Albert captain Vincent Lo believed they could emerge triumphant.
“We think that the final will be a clean 2-0 win to us,” Lo said.
“Our team has improved their chemistry after playing together for a while through split one as well as solo-queue and flex games.”
The High School League is a new competition in the secondary school sports landscape and has been a huge success during its first year.
League of Legends is the game of choice and the popular title is played by more than 100 million people worldwide every month. This weekend’s final will be contested in a best-of-three format.
More than 35 teams took part in the Premier and Challenger divisions in the second split.
Northcote College No 3 and Aquinas College will meet in the Challenger final that will also be contested in the Logitech G eSports Arena at Armageddon on Saturday.
The Premier final gets underway at 2.30pm, while the Challenger match starts at 10.30am.
The competition, which began as little more than an idea a year ago, is run by Letsplay.live, Computer Power Plus and TechCafe.
Games are streamed on Twitch each week, which has helped the exposure of the competition, and this weekend’s finals will also be streamed live on Twitch.
Lo said the HSL had served as a great platform for students to represent their school.
“HSL uses the time we spend on League more efficiently and gives us more motivation to play and improve every day,” he said.
“Balancing study and gaming has never been a problem for us as everyone is maintaining good grades throughout school.”
Mt Roskill will be without one of their most dominant players from the opening split after Vinson ‘Kedu’ Feng turned professional to play in the OPL, which left him ineligible to play in the HSL.
Danny Chang, the teacher in charge of eSports at Mt Roskill said the team had coped well following Kedu’s departure.
“His success greatly encouraged his peers and improved the perception of eSport within our school.”
Grand Final is Broadcast free on www.letsplay.live


Teams for Saturday

Premier Division

Mount Albert Grammar School
Top - Dennis "shakenrobot" Nieuwenhuizen
Jungle - Joshua "Terrath" Bilby
Mid - Vincent "Vansinne" Lo
Marksman - Daniel "2001" Morrow
Support - James "Johan" Promchart

Mount Roskill Grammar School
Top - Liam "Taloss" Liang
Jungle - Patrick "YinYan" Chung
Mid - Alan "Jele" Xu
Marksman - Allan "ximeR" Peng
Support - Andy "Skerez" Mo

Challenger Division

Aquinas College

Top - David "Rootyy" Cooper
Jungle - Oliver "Sparta 9000" Mortleman
Mid - Reilly Oikawa" Gardner
Marksman - Hunter "BackSnipe" Mortleman
Support - Alexander "Pinky" Hawkes
SUB - Hamish "Captain Hook" Low
SUB - Leo "Ryzie" Moon

Northcote College
Top - Ting Yu "Tietou" Liu
Jungle - Vincent "Dragon" Lu
Mid - Ming Ze "illuoslion" Li
Marksman - Haorui "Mowutian" Sun
Support - Nate "Lantern" Si
SUB - Nigel "Rezera" Phan
SUB - Minxin "Xiao" Cheng
SUB - Frank "Return" Wong

HSL links

HSL is organised by Letsplay.live, Computer Power Plus, TechCafe and The NZ eSports Federation. 
For more information on HSL and to catch all the action as it unfolds, visit: 
http://letsplay.live/hsl/  or www.facebook.com/highschoolleague.


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