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HSL shoutcaster enamoured with LOL

League of Legends


September 2017

My name is Alex “Jump” Borawski and I am one of the shoutcasters for the High School League (HSL). I love watching the HSL as you all grind your way towards the playoffs and, hopefully, the live finals at Armageddon on 21 October.
But why is it that League of Legends is the game we have chosen to play ahead of other eSports titles? Whats makes this game so special?
The learning curve is fair: I believe LoL is one of the few games that is easy to learn but difficult to master. When you start playing LoL there are only a few basic ideas you have to learn, all of which are easy to pick up. But for those looking to become pro players, learning how to use all of the info only makes the the game more intense.
Plentiful opportunities to showcase skill: League of Legends falls under the MOBA category (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). This type of game is a combination of strategy and reactions, leaning slightly towards strategy. Therefore, it's always interesting to see who comes out on top and what crazy gameplans they employ to reach the victory screen. Best of all, there are chances to demonstrate your skill in every second of the game.
The game looks and feels incredible: Whilst the core gameplay is perfect, a game isn’t complete without attention to finer details. With its semi recent map update and concise, yet vast, item set, LoL feels like a fully thought out game. Compared to the different styles that other MOBAs provide, League feels the most inviting to new players.
So when we chose LoL for the High School League, we not only wanted a game that looked amazing to play but one where every player could show us what they have to offer and improve at the same time.
Best of luck to everyone competing in the HSL. Feel free to email me with any questions about League of Legends.



Alex Borawski
HSL Shoutcaster
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