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CPP Provides Great Work Experience Opportunities

TechCafe students

September 2017

Computer Power Plus provides their students with the opportunity to get hands-on work experience through TechCafé’s Rent a Tech initiative.
Finding competent IT help can be costly but TechCafé, which is a CPP initiative, provides outsourced IT specialists to help those who need staff on short or medium-term contracts.
CPP believes in providing their students with real-life experiences in the field to build on the skills they have learned in the classroom. This will ensure they’re up to speed with industry practices when they enter the workforce.
It’s a win-win partnership that TechCafé and CPP has, and tech company Base 2 is one of the many operations that got the most out of the Rent a Tech system when CPP student Mays Algailani spent time with them.
Greg Sharp is the Managing Director of Base 2 and he says Mays made an excellent impression.
Greg Sharp
“Base 2 is an eight-year-old, award-winning IT managed services provider based in Mt Eden, Auckland. In our business, the people we have, and their skill and attitude, is everything to our success; Mays fitted into that team exceptionally,” Greg says.
“I would highly recommend Mays and the interns provided by Computer Power Plus. Base 2 will absolutely continue to engage with the CPP intern program.”
Mays, who now works as an IT tutor in Auckland, says her time with Base 2 was extremely valuable.
“I learned a lot, such as the real system an IT company uses for dealing with clients; it was very different to the system in Iraq, where I am from. From receiving a problem report, to documentation and solution implementation, it was all different” Mays says.
“I now know how to deal with higher-level professionals such as managers. In IT, you feel like you don’t have time for the social side of things because everyone is busy with work. Dealing with people from a wide range of nationalities is something I also picked up.
“Personally, I learnt how to deal with stressful situations, problem solve without any instructions and how to create a plan.”
Rent a Tech is an initiative that will continue to grow.
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