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CPP provides work-ready graduates through internships

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Robert Zijp understands the value of internships.
It allows him to meet prospective employees and assess what value they could bring to his business.
Robert is the Managing Director of the Divers Group, a company that specialises in end-to-end IT logistics.


The Divers Group have partnered with Computer Power Plus to offer hands-on work experience opportunities to their students.
This is a beneficial relationship because it provides students with the opportunity to learn in the field, and earn money along the way.

For Robert, it means he can develop an understanding of the talented students he may wish to employee in the future.

He has employed ten CPP graduates during the past few years, including three in a full-time capacity, and two on fixed-term contracts.

“They have knowledge and a positive attitude,” Robert said of CPP’s graduates. “As well as good work ethic.”

These graduates have skills that are closely aligned to the demands of the industry, which make them valuable assets in the workplace.

Robert said there were clear benefits for his business to partner with CPP for the intern programme.

“I don't have to employ the students full time. They enjoy the practical aspect of working in the real world for financial reward and I have the opportunity to have a good look at them before offering employment to those that I feel will fit into our company culture.

“They're there for the experience, and money, but they are there to impress so generally they deliver a good result.”
The most recent project The Divers Group and CPP took on was a complete re-furbishment of more than 1000 desks spread across three separate sites in the North Island.

CPP provided seven students to work on the project that was completed across three weeks. It involved removing existing hardware and connecting new equipment. The students completed between 300-400 workstations each week during the project.

CPP has been proactive in developing their internship programme as a way to provide their students with relevant industry experience.

CPP is an accredited IT training provider that strives to produce more work-ready graduates for the IT industry.

They have campuses in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Their flexible approach to learning, combined with dedicated tutors has made them a popular choice for students.

The internship programme delivers value for businesses, students and CPP, all adding up to the production of talented graduates who are ready to hit the ground running in the workplace.

Robert said it was important for his company to provide opportunities for the next wave of IT talent in New Zealand.

“It helps the student's own confidence during the internship before they move into a real world situation; it exposes the student to different sectors within the technology sector.”
Being able to adapt to real-world situations was valuable for graduates.
“Absolutely; having all the theory behind your name does not prepare you for the real world in technology.”

Robert said there were some desirable traits for future IT graduates that he looked for.

“Some hands-on, practical experience; good, positive attitude and a willingness, and understanding, to learn.”


Alfred Sanft (pictured left) who worked on the Divers Group project, was encouraged to apply by the tutors at CPP.
“It was a great experience,” he said. “I was able to learn lot from the team.
“The Divers Group were supportive and professional.”
Alfred completed a Level 5 New Zealand Diploma in Web Development and Design last year and is continuing his studies with a Level 6 New Zealand Diploma in Software Development.
“IT training helps a lot in this modern world and it will prove further useful regardless the situation you're in.”
He said opportunities like taking part in the internship programme ensured he made the right decision to study with CPP.
“It's just a massive privilege to be apart of the CPP community and I'm glad I found a school like this, there's no other. I truly believe it is the best IT school.”

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