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CPP students grab great work experience at Echolan

TechCafe helping at Echolan


September 2017

Echolan was an exciting gaming event in Auckland with plenty of tech-minded types so it was only fitting that Computer Power Plus sent students there.
We shipped along a collection of students, alongside TechCafé technicians, to help construct a LAN for the event earlier this year.
CPP believes that gamers make great IT professionals, so they had plenty to talk about with everyone onsite - after they had done their work, of course!
CPP students and TechCafé technicians helped set up 60 gaming stations, alongside hundreds of computers, and the CPP students picked up some great technical knowledge.
TechCafe helping at Echolan
TechCafé is a CPP initiative that provides students with the opportunity to complete real-world IT work experience, while also operating as a national managed service provider.
“It was my first LAN,” Logan Fearon, a CPP Level 6 Software Development student, says.
“It was great learning about the setup and putting my study into practice but I was really taken back by how many of the gamers were coming forward to offer me career advice and open up about their own careers in IT.”
Robert Parlane is the founder of Echolan and says the CPP students and TechCafé team played a valuable role in this year’s edition.
“Setting up a 70-plus person event with a small team is challenging. Having nine helpers was amazing,” Robert says.
“They allowed us to get organised faster, they configured our equipment quickly and provided a higher quality LAN to our attendees.
They also provided some excellent outlooks into how we can grow and improve future LANs."
Matt Dawson
Matt Dawson, National Manager for TechCafé, says Echolan is a key event on the calendar for CPP students to begin networking with influential people, while TechCafé provides proactive IT support.
“If one of the largest, professional IT communities exists in Gaming and LANs, it makes sense for us to accelerate our students’ growth by exposing them to people who are where they want to be in the future.”
We can’t wait to be involved again in the future!

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