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Gaming was my gateway into IT

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August 2017

Computer Power Plus knows that many of their students got into IT due to their interest in gaming.
With that in mind, CPP and TechCafé co-launched the ‘Gaming was my Gateway’ competition earlier this year that asked you to tell us about how gaming led you into IT.
The response was outstanding and we wanted to share some of the best ones with you. The objective behind this campaign was to bring together a community of like-minded IT professionals who found their way into IT through a passion for gaming.
Congratulations to our winner, Michael Chand, who took home the grand prize of a $300 voucher from PlayTech. Michael got his hands on a 6TB HDD for installing games and holding footage for video editing. Thanks again to everyone who got in touch with us!


Michael Chand

“I have always had an interest in technology as a child. When I was young I had a computer bought by my dad. It was a 486 DX2 66Mhz with 4MB of ram, WOW! You never forget your first, right? Previously, my video gaming was the 20c arcade machines, which was fascinating and began to make me think about engineering, but having a computer at home with games was incredible … I was also getting ready to pursue my interest in technology by starting electronics and computer systems engineering at MIT. I learned how to program and my video game interest was growing. I was getting really interested in how 3D video games are programmed and began exploring that avenue. To fast forward, it led me to spending time working in the telecommunications industry. I then got my bachelor’s degree in computer science and now I am working as a software developer. That is my full time job but, part time, I am delving into video game development. With a 3D engine I built on my own and a 2D video game that won a Microsoft competition I am now investigating virtual reality. I still have my 486, which is being restored.” - Michael, competition winner
“Gaming got me into a little bit of programming and a lot of networking because I wanted to get my friends involved. We would make our own LANs and hang out and play videogames together. When I learnt how to create a network for gaming between computers, that directly related to working with networking infrastructure, planning, developing and deploying networking physically - it all ties together.” - Richard
“I work at ASB in the service desk. In order to play a game you need to know how to install it. You may have two hard drives and need to know your performance requirements, that comes into what I do at work. When I started getting into online gaming I had a lot of trouble trying to get a good connection with servers - you have to have an understating of networking and the ports you can use to optimise that.” - Ali



“When I started gaming I became curious about the workings behind the game mechanics on the software side and then the hardware. For me, gaming is more social than anything; playing games is fun but I want to know more about the effort behind taking ideas and turning them into software.” - Joshua
“I started gaming from a young age and the interest in game development came shortly after. I wanted games to challenge me in a new way, intellectually. I wanted to know what was inside the game mechanics. This was all driven by the problem-solving element. That’s how gaming started for me, and made me want to create my own games to challenge others, getting them to solve problems that I designed.” - James
“I first got interested in IT when I started to think about modding games - there were games I wanted to fix so I researched how to make games work for me by making maps and editing software.” - Jay
“It all started when I was trying to connect my Xbox 360 to the internet and the router was too far away. I had to figure some things out using Google. I first learned about network bridging. Using the wireless from my laptop, I connected a short twist pair cable to my Xbox and bridged the network connection from my laptop to the Xbox. This was the gateway to me exploring IT further.” - Damien
“Dad built my first computer for me when I was 5 and the rest is history. I played professionally for a year then transitioned into shoutcasting. A hobby turned into a job.” - Andre

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