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How can you land your first IT grad job?

How to land your first job


October 2017

Getting your first graduate job can be a challenge.
Whether the market for the position is competitive, through to writing a concise CV and performing well at the interview, a lot goes into being offered a role.
But to make matters easier for job-seekers in the IT industry, we spoke to Ashley Sadler, a Business Manager for Madison Recruitment, who provided some great advice on the job market.


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Ashley’s advice was clear: There’s a huge demand for IT graduates with the right skills who are determined to learn.
Graduates can expect to start in any of the following roles: IT Support and Software Development, which are the most common, and Business/Information Systems.
Ashley says he hears lots of feedback from IT firms around what they’re looking for.
“As a graduate your technical skills are not expected to be anywhere near the finished article. Technologies are so different and a course curriculum can only cover so much. It is your ability to learn and to absorb information that is important. Being genuinely passionate about IT helps. If you’re naturally curious and want to keep on learning you will be attractive to potential employers,” Ashley says.
“At least as important as the technical skills are the softer skills. Good communication skills are vital. This is more than having a good command of language. It is about listening and being able to make a coherent case when you speak. IT is often about an exchange of ideas to begin with. Being able to understand and be understood will be the most important part of the job.
“During the interview process employers are looking for those that communicate the best. Those that demonstrate communication skills the best will answer the interview question with the most relevancy, the appropriate amount of detail and in the most concise manner.”
What about the money?
Nobody likes to ask but there’s no shame in knowing what you can expect to earn as a graduate and what your earning potential is.
“Graduates in IT would expect to be paid from $45k,” Ashley says. “Graduate salaries in hospitality and customer service would start from $35k through to $40k, whilst degree qualified accountancy graduates might expect between $40 and $45k, so they certainly compare well.
“The growth curve for salaries is steeper than average, however. After two years $60k could be expected.”
IT also has great career progression and due to the ever-changing nature of the industry, IT professionals can move up the chain to high-ranking positions.
But before you can worry about running a company, Ashley says you should strive to earn good grades to ensure you’re well-placed to land a graduate job.
“Those with the highest grades will be afforded the most opportunities and the greatest choice.
If you have a particular area of interest or career plan, be prepared to articulate it but be open to other opportunities as well.”
Time to hit the books!


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