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ITP membership helps students to jump-start their careers

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The IT Professionals New Zealand group want to increase their engagement with students.
That was the message from Andrew Boening, the Auckland Student Liaison for the Auckland ITP, when he spoke to a student gathering in Auckland recently.
Andrew is a Senior Systems Engineer at AJ Park, and he spoke to a collection of students from Computer Power Plus, Whitireia and WelTec.


The ITP organisation has nearly four thousand members across New Zealand and approximately 45 percent of them are students.
Andrew explained to the students in attendance what the ITP does.
“We make sure everything is professional in the industry and encourage others in the industry to join.” The ITP also offers advice to the
Government on pertinent issues in the industry and discusses legislation.

Student membership is heavily discounted and being a member of the ITP provides students with a valuable opportunity to network and meet people within the IT industry.
The ITP holds regular events, including offering guest speakers on a range of topics to speak to students.
“We’ve got a good connection to the industry at the moment. We hold many events in Auckland.”
Those events also included the opportunity to mix and mingle with a range of people in IT.
“There’s a lot of crossover between the different parts of the IT industry and that’s really, really good to meet other people, learn from other people and find some new opportunities.”
Student members also have the opportunity to attend professional development courses at a discounted rate.
Andrew is speaking from a position of experience having been involved in a wide array of IT roles during his career.
Students could join the ITP independently or create their own chapter at their respective tertiary training provider.
“We want to focus a lot more on student engagement,” Andrew said.
“You’re basically helping to shape the future of the industry.”
The ITP is looking to re-introduce their mentoring programme in the near future, which would provide students with crucial guidance as they look to join the workforce.
The organisation also has access to a resource library of 36,000 videos and Andrew said that proved valuable for IT professionals at any stage of their career.
Computer Power Plus has campuses in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and are corporate partners of the ITP with plans to further encourage student chapters.
CPP’s support of the organisation shows their commitment to helping the professional development of their students outside of their studies.
CPP’s recent guaranteed jobs offer, where they assist graduates into a full-time IT job at the completion of their two-year course, ties in nicely with the ITP. It is all part of CPP’s aim to provide students with the greatest advantage to enter the workforce on completion of their studies.
Manu Mahina, Pastoral Care Consultant for CPP, told students at the event that being a member of the ITP would introduce them to mentors, potential employers, and look good on their CVs.

Once they’ve graduated, student members of the ITP receive a discounted membership during their first year of full-time work. Andrew said employers often pay for this membership from their professional development budget and that this is something graduates should discuss with their managers to continue their membership and lifelong learning in IT.

For more information on ITP student membership benefits visit: https://itp.nz/Why-Join/Students


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