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September 2017

PlayTech is a company that TechCafé (a Computer Power Plus initiative) is proud to partner with.
They’re an exciting technology company and one of the things we provide for them is video production to assist their customers in understanding the products they have purchased.
In an increasingly visual world, many people prefer to learn through watching ‘unboxing’ videos rather than reading an instruction manual.
One of the services that TechCafé offers is the ability to create custom content and these videos feature on the PlayTech website and TechCafé’s YouTube channel.
This is a niche service that TechCafé provides and video is becoming an increasingly powerful advertising medium.
There’s a process that TechCafé follows when we produce a new video, which is led by Junior Technician Matt Johnston.
Firstly, we research the product so we know what we are working with, which allows us to highlight the best features, then we arrange our lighting and camera equipment to produce our set-up shots.
Once we have taken all of the required footage, we will edit it and then add music and special effects.
Greg Burrows, Marketing Manager at PlayTech, says the videos are a valuable tool for customers.
“We receive lots of positive feedback from people who were looking at ordering a product but were unsure if they would require extra accessories, such as cables and adapters, in order to use the product,” Burrows says.
“By seeing an unboxing video they can see exactly what accessories are included and can then make an informed purchase.”
Greg and the PlayTech team have dealt with TechCafé for nearly six months and he says it’s a great working relationship.
“TechCafe have always been punctual and enthusiastic in our dealings with them, we highly recommend their services,” Burrow says.
Check out some of the videos that TechCafé has produced on the link below!

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