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eSports: The future of High School Sports

Computer Power Plus and TechCafé have teamed up with Letsplay.live to organise the HSL on behalf of the New Zealand eSports Federation.

The High School League (HSL) is a free national esports competition for New Zealand High Schools. 2017 was the inaugural year for High School League and it really took off. Students were able to grow as both players and teammates over both splits of the year. This helped create friendships and develop sportsmanship over the year.

Round three starts on 26 February with an expected 200 teams from schools in Auckland, Bay of Plenty/Waikato, Wellington, and the South Island. Each team will play against each other in a 7 week round robin tournament, leading into the Playoffs where the top 8 teams from each division with compete over 3 weeks culminating in a Grand Final.

To register your interest in the competition visit http://hsl.live/. Registrations close soon.

League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game. More than 100 million people play League of Legends every month around the world. Two teams of five players compete during the game over different maps and game modes. It offers endless ‘replayability’ for players of every skill level and League of Legends is an example of a strategic game that can enhance students’ science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills.

eSports is also a great opportunity to engage students in their playing field and use their love for video gaming to build teamwork, sportsmanship, social connections, strategic thinking, break down barriers and focus on their schoolwork.

Watch the video from the inaugural Grand Final of the HSL on June 11 (90 seconds)

EVENT DETAILS - HSL Round 3 (First Split for 2018)

Name: League of Legends High School League (HSL)
Date: February 26 to 15 May
Duration: 11 weeks
Start time: 6 PM
Make sure to follow the HSL Facebook page: www.facebook.com/highschoolleague/
and Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/highschoolleague or http://hsl.live/ for all the action as it unfolds.


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